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Moms need love too!

Everything she needs for postpartum

Moms are heroes

They take on the biggest challenge.

Yet most moms don't get the support they deserve for postpartum - the physical and mental recovery from childbirth.

Numa is here to make sure new moms have the best products and resources for recovery.

And to make it easier for the rest of us to support them!

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Navigating the postpartum period is so hard! You take classes to prepare for pregnancy, labor and delivery, and how to care for a newborn, but what is lacking is how to take care of yourself once that little bundle is here. The NUMA kit bridges that gap. It has everything you need to take care of yourself. It is my go to shower gift for all my friends and it is always the most appreciated gift!


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The numa recovery kit was the greatest gift I didn't know I needed. I got the "happy mama" kit and it had all the essentials for an easier recovery for me so I could enjoy learning how to be a mom. The kit is a PERFECT gift for any mother- whether it is her first time through it or her fifth! Everything in the kit is high quality. I can't recommend this kit highly enough!


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The Numa kit was great! It was so nice to know that I had everything I needed for my recovery and would be taken care of when coming home from the hospital. It was a lifesaver with my postpartum healing process


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Talk about a lifesaver! My numa kit had everything I didn't know I needed. This will definitely be my go-to baby shower gift from now on.


less stress, recover better

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No middle-of-the-night trips to the store

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Like a soothing massage when you need it most

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Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing you're prepared, a key to mental well-being

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We saw what our wives went through and wanted to help

We think it’s crazy that no one talks about what happens after childbirth — RECOVERY. It’s painful and bloody, sweaty and stressful.

New moms tell us it’s more difficult than they imagined.

We’re here to kickstart the conversation, and to make sure that new moms have the best products and resources for recovery.

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Size Guide

numa apparel is designed for pregnancy and postpartum, so we recommend going with the size you or the new mom typically wear. The fabric is stretchy which allows for comfort and sizing flexibility. 

If you are gifting and are unsure of size - we will provide a free apparel exchange to the recipient for any sizing issues! 


size hips
S/4-6 38-39"
M/8-10 40-41"
L/12-14 42-43"
XL/16-18 44-45"


Tank Top

size bust
S 36-37"
M 38-39"
L 40-41"
XL 42-43"