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why numa

saw what our wives went through
looked for a solution
didn't find anything
well that's not cool
talked with moms
let’s fix this
3 years creating our own baby . . .
numa :)

hi! Thanks for stopping by to learn about Numa. 

Simply put, we’re here to support new moms.

We think it’s crazy that no one talks about what happens after childbirth--RECOVERY. It’s painful and bloody, sweaty and stressful. 

New moms tell us it’s more difficult than they imagined. 

We’re here to kickstart the conversation, and to make sure that new moms have the best products and resources for recovery.

Recovery is overlooked. Why?

After birth, everyone’s focus shifts from mom to baby, 

because babies are cute. :) 👶


It isn’t fun to talk about, so we avoid it. 🙈


There’s so much else to plan for. 😳

Moms deserve to be prepared for--and supported throughout--postpartum. What’s the best way? Glad you asked!

Be her hero, give her a numa kit at her baby shower.  

That’s it! We’ll take care of the rest. 

Numa kits have essential products for childbirth recovery.  Plus, they include a guidebook so Mom can learn about postpartum symptoms, and how her numa kit can help to alleviate them.

By getting a numa kit at her baby shower, she’ll have time to learn about recovery before baby comes. This is crucial because afterwards she’ll be busy with a hungry baby, confused husband and . . . whoa! a ton of things happening with her body. 

It will mean the world to mom to know that you’re thinking about her needs during such a chaotic time. 😊

What you can expect from us

We’ll focus on new moms. 

No baby products. No parenting advice… just the things that new moms want and need most for recovery.

We’ll use your feedback to create awesome products and fun experiences for new moms. 

We’ll continue to be inspired by moms, families, and their stories.

Cartoon gif of numa founders


- Cam, Blake, Kevin

Size Guide

numa apparel is designed for pregnancy and postpartum, so we recommend going with the size you or the new mom typically wear. The fabric is stretchy which allows for comfort and sizing flexibility. 

If you are gifting and are unsure of size - we will provide a free apparel exchange to the recipient for any sizing issues! 


size hips
S/4-6 38-39"
M/8-10 40-41"
L/12-14 42-43"
XL/16-18 44-45"


Tank Top

size bust
S 36-37"
M 38-39"
L 40-41"
XL 42-43"