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the essential postpartum wardrobe
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Your postpartum body will be sore, tender, tired, and sweaty, so we designed our apparel to make you as comfortable as possible. Everything here is soft and stretchy.

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Because it has to be! Your nipples will be sore, maybe cracked or bleeding. Your vagina and perineum deserve the best care after what they’ve gone through. Your head may be pounding and stressed. Softness is key for postpartum you.


We want you to be as comfortable as possible, which means--spandex. With a body that is ever changing throughout pregnancy and postpartum, a little bit of stretch goes a long way.


Numa apparel is as functional as it is comfy. On the undies, we added a “V” in the front of the waistband to relieve pressure. The headband stays in place and you’ll quickly forget it’s even there.

+ Care

Wash warm, dry low

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Size Guide

numa apparel is designed for pregnancy and postpartum, so we recommend going with the size you or the new mom typically wear. The fabric is stretchy which allows for comfort and sizing flexibility. 

If you are gifting and are unsure of size - we will provide a free apparel exchange to the recipient for any sizing issues! 


size hips
S/4-6 38-39"
M/8-10 40-41"
L/12-14 42-43"
XL/16-18 44-45"


Tank Top

size bust
S 36-37"
M 38-39"
L 40-41"
XL 42-43"