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Colorado Birth & Wellness Kit


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This kit was designed for Colorado Birth & Wellness and Hygge Birth & Baby clients.

CBW and numa have partnered to provide special pricing to CBW and Hygge clients. Enter "Hygge" at checkout for $25 off. 

In line with CBW's informed and collaborative approach to caring for moms, this partnership allows for another benefit to the high quality of care received by moms at CBW. 

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+ Why moms love it

The best postpartum products for new moms. How do we know?

We've designed, tested, and refined. We've asked the moms. We've surveyed the midwifes and nurses.

+ Features

numa tank top

95% cotton, 5% spandex to keep you cool and comfortable.

numa undies

Stretchy and comfy. The “V” in the front of the waistband relieves pressure for a more comfortable fit. The fabric is super soft, almost as soft as your baby’s butt!

numa headband

Whatever life as a new mom throws at you, your numa headband is ready for it!

numa peri bottle

Easy to use, holds plenty of water (15oz). 6 tiny holes in the spout ensure it's a gentle shower every time.

witch hazel pads (Tucks)

Immediate relief from the burning, itching, and irritation associated with perineum pain.

What's in the Kit

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Numa Nursing Tank Top


Numa Postpartum Underwear


Numa Headband


Numa Peri Bottle


Witch Hazel Pads


Future Toy Holder


Numa Guidebook


Gift Card


numa nursing tank top

why it’s in the kit
The top you’ll want to wear all day and night. Makes breastfeeding easier (but certainly not easy).

why you’ll love it!
Made of 95% cotton & 5% spandex, making it as soft as your baby’s butt.
Newborns eat constantly, or so it seems. The straps are easy to unclasp with one hand so there’s no delay when your little one tells you they’re hungry.


numa peri bottle

why it’s in the kit
replaces tp during those many trips to the bathroom

why you’ll love it!
- easy to use: the long, angled nozzle makes it easy to spray where you need it
- holds plenty of water (15 oz) so it won’t run out while you’re peeing
- 6 tiny holes in the spout ensure that it’s a gentle shower every time

how to use it
- hold it upside down and spray on your vagina as you pee
- use it to clean yourself after peeing or 💩


numa postpartum underwear

why it’s in the kit
holds maxi pads and witch hazel pads in place. Perfect for postpartum life.

why you’ll love it!
stretchy, soft, comfortable: just what you need when you’re tender and sore
the “V” in the waistband makes them perfect to wear while pregnant too
don’t worry about ‘ruining’ them. We designed them to get messy. Wash them, throw them, it’s up to you.


HoneyPot postpartum pads

why it’s in the kit
manage postpartum bleeding relieve pain and discomfort

why you’ll love it!
Natural & herbal ingredients create a "cooling" effect that soothes soreness & calms cramping.


witch hazel pads

why it’s in the kit
immediate relief from the burning, itching and irritation associated with hemorrhoids and perineum pain

why you’ll love it!

how to use it
place 2-3 Tucks pads on top of a HoneyPot postpartum pad. Use with your numa postpartum underwear.
Some new moms roll them up and stick them between their butt cheeks. They also cool nicely in the fridge.


numa water bottle

why it’s in the kit
drinking lots of water is one of the best things you can do for your body postpartum.

why you’ll love it!
-holds A LOT of water (32oz)
- handle and straw make it easy to use with one hand while you’re holding your baby
- bpa free

pro tip:
if breastfeeding, aim to drink 3 of these (~ 3 liters) per day. And train your husband to fill it up before it gets empty!


numa headband

why it's in the kit
Tops off the new mom look.
For labor, for whenever

why you’ll love it!
perfect for those days when doing your hair is out of the question.
and that’s pretty much every day as a new mom.


nipple cream

why it’s in the kit
relief for sore nipples and breasts

why you’ll love it!
- safe for babies
- Vitamin B5: soothes sore, cracked skin
- pure cocoa butter: a rich, natural moisturizer
- lanolin free


calming tea

why it’s in the kit
Helps ease the mind and relax the body. We bet this will become one of your new favorite teas.
Not a tea drinker? Give it a shot, this just might turn you into one.

why you’ll love it!
- organic>
- delicious combo of chamomile, lemongrass, and gotu kola (exotic!)
- packed with nutrients


dark chocolate

why it’s in the kit
A sweet treat for . . . whenever! You sure as hell deserve it.

why you’ll love it!
- it’s chocolate
- it’s in your numa kit, which means you don’t have to share ;)
- cacao is a superfood with multiple health benefits: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and serotonin- boosting

pro tip:
Hide from husband and eat when you need a pick-me-up :)


stool softener

why it’s in the kit
The most underrated item in the kit!
- alleviates constipation
- makes pooping more comfortable
- you won’t know why you’ll need these til you try them

why you’ll love it!
- totally safe laxative
- softgels
- better than prunes . . . yuck


numa fabric bin

why it is the kit
store all your postpartum products in a convenient, discrete way
“It fits perfectly in my bathroom. And I’ll use it for years”

why you’ll love it!
repurpose it as a toy holder once its postpartum job is done

pro tip:
store somewhere convenient like the bathroom or linen closet for easy access


numa gift card

why it's in the kit
free money, for you!

why you’ll love it!
you can get an extra peri bottle, more apparel, or experience the joy of giving a numa kit!


numa guidebook

why it's in the kit
Tells you what symptoms you’re likely to experience
And how each of the products will help

why you’ll love it!
- fun story format
- helpful & interesting
- Applies to every recovery!

What gifters and moms have to say about numa

numahappy mamanumapeace of mind
numa nursing tank topnuma 
numa headbandnuma 
stool softenernuma 
numa peri bottlenumanuma
maxi padsnumanuma
witch hazel padsnumanuma
numa undiesnumanuma
numa water bottlenumanuma
nipple creamnumanuma
numa guidebooknumanuma
numa gift cardnumanuma
Size Guide

numa apparel is designed for pregnancy and postpartum, so we recommend going with the size you or the new mom typically wear. The fabric is stretchy which allows for comfort and sizing flexibility. 

If you are gifting and are unsure of size - we will provide a free apparel exchange to the recipient for any sizing issues! 


size hips
S/4-6 38-39"
M/8-10 40-41"
L/12-14 42-43"
XL/16-18 44-45"


Tank Top

size bust
S 36-37"
M 38-39"
L 40-41"
XL 42-43"