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New Moms Can Use These Resources to Start a Business - Guest Post by Invisible Moms

Starting a business and welcoming a new child are two of the biggest life changes a person can make, yet more and more women are doing just that. Both jobs take a lot of hard work and come with a measure of stress, so it’s essential to have strong resources that will help you stay healthy and focused. The good news is, you can look for items and services that will make your postpartum care a breeze; Numa offers new mom kits that will help you relax and take care of your body as you recover from childbirth. There are also several tools you can use to get your business up and running successfully while juggling parenthood at the same time, as well as a few strategies that will make it all easier.

Set up a workspace that works for you

Whether you’ll be running your business from home or from an office, you need a workspace that allows you privacy, comfort, and organization. Set up the area for maximum productivity, leaving out distracting devices and adding a supportive chair and/or standing desk. Create an area where you can pump or breastfeed in privacy, and consider adding a small refrigerator where you can store milk or formula. If you’ll have your child with you at work, don’t forget to add a small area for the baby to sleep or have tummy time. It’s also important to ensure the room is safe for a little one by adding outlet covers, hiding or taping down cords, and keeping things like plants up off the floor.
Set a schedule
Once you have a workspace set up, it’s a good idea to try and set a schedule. This is sometimes easier said than done for new moms, but it’s the best way to ensure that both you and the baby get the rest you need while taking steps to reduce stress and anxiety during the day. Establish a routine that helps you both get ready to end the day, such as lowering the lights, putting on soft music, taking a bath, speaking in soft tones, and putting away devices. This can be tricky when you’re starting a business, as you may feel you need to answer emails as they come and be available at all times, but it’s important to set some boundaries.
Utilize tech
Getting on the right schedule is important, but sometimes it’s just not enough. These days, there are several technological resources for both new parents and new entrepreneurs, including helpful apps and devices that make work/life balance much easier. From boosting productivity and finding marketing tools to keeping track of your baby’s nursing schedule and growth, there’s something out there for each part of your day. With so much on your plate, it’s crucial to stay organized and utilize all the help you can get.
Eliminate potential stressors
While digital resources can help reduce stress, it’s also crucial to take steps to ensure that your business stays on track throughout the year so you’ll have peace of mind. Start by separating your business and personal finances and making sure your tax responsibilities are taken care of by getting an EIN number, which helps the IRS track your payroll taxes and makes filing easier whether you do it annually or quarterly. Read up on the steps required to secure an IRS LLC EIN so there won’t be any hiccups during the process.
Tackling parenthood and a new business at the same time comes with a lot to think about, but with so many resources at your fingertips, you’ll be able to navigate both jobs seamlessly. Look for support from friends, family, and other local businesses as you get started.
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